Always Jesus

     I fear that some will never be converted. Not because God is not willing to convert them; but because they have eyes, and yet see not; ears have they, but they hear not; they have understanding, and yet understand not. They are too proud to acknowledge their errors, and in contrition of heart seek God in repentance. Now shall we put away this impenitent spirit? Shall we fall on the Rock and be broken? Jesus is soon coming in the clouds of heaven. What is he doing now?--He is testing a people here upon the earth, to see if they can live in harmony, without revolt, in heaven.  

     Do you think he will take those who are indulging skepticism and infidelity, who, when he sends a message, stand back and refuse to accept it? Yet many have done this. When we speak of the grace of God, of Jesus and his love, speak of the Saviour as one who is able to keep us from sin, and to save to the uttermost all who come unto him, many will say, "O, I am afraid you are going where the holiness people go. I am afraid you are doing after the Salvation Army." Brethren, you need not be afraid of the plain teachings of the Bible. Do not fear to go where the voice of Jesus is heard saying, "Follow me;" for this will lead you right. Do not let any man or woman, or any council or party, lead you to suppress the precious light that God has permitted to shine from heaven in regard to the commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus. You need more, much more, of the Spirit of Christ, to take the coldness and iron out of your hearts. Jesus humbled himself. His whole life was one of humiliation and suffering. He was a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief. And all this he bore, that sinners might be redeemed. This is the spirit that must dwell in our hearts.    

     The object of our faith, hope, and love, should be Jesus,--Jesus always, Jesus only. A mere profession of faith will not save us; we must have real faith in Christ. Then the heart will be renewed; we shall be born again. Christ takes our sins upon himself, and imparts to us his righteousness. 

GCDB, April 13, 1891