Eternal Things




     We should not be like the people of the Noachic world--to have our minds all engrossed in eating and drinking, and marrying and giving in marriage. Christ is soon to come, and who is ready to meet Him? Have you felt for the young around you? Have you given your means to send the truth to the far-off heathen, and overlooked the very ones right by your door? Here are souls right around us that we might save if we would give them our help. We want to watch our opportunities to give help to souls. How many of us while gossiping might take the Bible and give a knowledge to precious souls. We must meet the record of our lives in the judgment. Christ says, "Love one another as I have loved you." Do we manifest that love for souls in darkness that Christ manifested for us? Well we take the bread of life and eat it in silence when souls are perishing around us? Christ is coming. Prepare for His coming if you would be without spot or blemish. Then take up the work, and Jesus will help you. He is the propitiation for our sins.  

     He is shedding His blood for us tonight. When I see the youth, my heart goes out after them. They want someone to lead them. I am astonished at the churches of today. We want home missionaries. We want those who are willing to deny themselves for Christ's sake. We want those who are wide-awake for Jesus, that will labor for souls as those that must give an account. We are responsible for the great light that shines upon our pathway, and we inquire, What are you doing with this light? It is your duty to place yourself in right relation to God, that He can give you more light.    

     The end of all things is at hand. Are we ready to meet Christ when He shall appear? Will He say to us, "Come, ye blessed of My Father; enter into the city"? When we see the great reward that is in store for the faithful, how our hearts should reach out after others, that they may receive the light. You know not how many hearts are really thirsting for the waters of life, but here is the Bible to open before them. Will you do it? Will you act like men and women that expect the Lord to come? Will you have living faith, and pray as never before? Will you wrestle with God as Jacob wrestled with Him--"I will not let Thee go except Thou bless me"? And when His blessing rests upon you, you will be anxious to have others receive it.    

     Well, the day will come when God will come to take vengeance upon those who know Him not; and we want you to be ready. We want eternal things to have some weight upon your minds. We want you to have on the robes of righteousness, that Christ will bestow His blessing upon you. And He says, "I will lead you unto living fountains of waters; and God shall wipe away all tears from your eyes." 

     Now, my brethren and sisters, if you do have that living faith in Christ, He will give you a faith and hope that the world cannot give or take away.

 .  19MR 138-139